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How to Secure a Rewarding Career in Human Resources

March 16 2018 - Many budding professionals are eager to secure a job in human resources, as it is one of the fast-growing employment fields. Not only that, but it can provide varied tasks and offers a rewarding salary that is above the national average.

So, if you want to enter a field that allows you to help others each day while enjoying a great salary, it should certainly be a consideration. Find out how to secure a career in human resources.

Networking in School

Are you currently in school? There is no reason why you cannot start networking with HR professionals so you can learn more about the industry. For instance, you could conduct interviews with HR professionals within your family or school to learn more about the different roles, such as a human resources consultant, recruiter, training and development manager, or human resources manager. You could even seek work experience in an HR department to learn more about the different roles and make contacts.

Talk to Current HR Employees

It's worthwhile talking to various HR employees to learn more about their role, so you can make an informed decision if it's right for you. It's also vital to remember that many businesses often employ internal candidates for HR positions, so connecting with HR professionals or gaining an entry-level job could open the door to a new career. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to reach out to HR professionals in both small and large companies.

Gain a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources

If you have your heart set on enjoying an HR career, you would be wise to gain a four-year bachelor's degree in human resources or personnel. Many hiring managers will often view an HR degree as an essential requirement, so it could help you secure your dream job.

If you do not have the qualifications or aspirations to gain a bachelor's degree, you might be happy to learn you can still obtain a job in human resources, but you will go up against tough competition.

Earn a Business Degree

If you want to climb the human resources ladder and obtain a specialized career or managerial position in HR, you should earn a business degree. This will help you to learn about all aspects of business, such as financial accounting, business law, organizational behavior, plus more. As a result, the diploma can strengthen your resume and make you stand out from the crowd of applications; you'll be more likely to make it onto a company's hiring shortlist, and you could enter the company at a higher level within the department. It's also possible to apply for online mba degree, so it can fit around your busy personal or professional life.

Update Your Skills Throughout Your Career

As mentioned, human resources is one of the fastest growing fields, and is therefore becoming a popular career choice for many. Stay ahead of candidates by continually improving your skillset. In addition to gaining a bachelor's and business degree, it might also be beneficial to attend various workshops and classes to broaden your existing knowledge and skills. This can improve your experience in the field and may also increase your earning potential.

What it Takes to Work in HR

Never enter human resources for the excellent salary or strong job market. If you want to enjoy a rewarding career, you will need to possess the qualities needed for the role. For example, not only must you have excellent communication skills, but you must be confident when it comes to interviewing, presenting, training, negotiating, mediating and critical listening.

People skills are a must-have in human resources, as it will be your responsibility to communicate a broad range of topics across the organization. Conveying difficult messages to employees will also be an integral part of the job, as you may need to fire, layoff or demote members of staff throughout your career, and you must calmly interact with employees who believe the organization has mistreated them. If you think this would not be a problem, then human resources might be the perfect career for you.


There are multiple avenues you can pursue to enjoy a career in human resources, but you must possess the characteristics needed to enjoy great success in the field. If you believe you are up to the challenge, you can choose to either apply for entry-level HR jobs as soon as possible. You could also enter the industry at a higher level and give yourself a greater chance of success by obtaining a degree in human resources and business.

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