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7 Career Benefits of HVAC Training

HVAC training

February 5 2022 - Are you thinking about a career change? HVAC technicians are more in demand than ever and if you want to be one of them, the wonderful HVAC training available out there can help you do just that!

1) You Can Do Flexible Hours

HVAC work is one of those jobs where you set your own hours, this means no desk job! It also gives you the freedom to pick up extra shifts if need be.

With many construction companies hiring seasonal employees during warmer months (i.e., late spring through early fall), you'll have a ton of opportunities to pick up extra hours during this time.

2) You Can Get Paid What You're Worth Once You've Completed Your HVAC Training

The HVAC field is booming right now and that means that the price for workers with in-demand skills (like HVAC technicians) tends to rise as well in line with the demand.

By entering an in-demand profession, you're essentially set up for future success.

3) You Can Find Work Pretty Much Everywhere In America And Beyond

According to USAJobs, there are over 50,000 job openings for trained HVAC technicians nationwide. With a little savvy job hunting, you're sure to find a great position somewhere in the country.

If however, it proves to be more difficult to get a placement, there are plenty of companies that actively hire US-based workers all over the world as well.

4) You Can Make High Wages Right Out Of School

While it's true that those with experience tend to earn higher pay rates, an entry-level HVAC technician can still make upwards of $40K yearly even before they've entered the field.

The best part is that this salary is often much more than what co-workers without specialized training or certification will be made.

5) You’ll Have The Chance To Save Lives And Property Daily

Since HVAC technicians are responsible for the mundane but necessary task of maintaining our HVAC appliances, you'll never have to worry about your work being taken for granted after completing HVAC technician training.

Plus, since you're the one who ensures that everything is running as it should, you can feel proud knowing that you're doing a small part in helping homeowners and businesses avoid disaster.

6) You’ll Gain Instant Respect From Those Around You

When people ask what you do and see that you're not just another run-of-the-mill employee sitting behind a desk all day, they instantly assume that you must know more than most others about your field of expertise.

This opens up many doors and allows opportunities to present themselves on a regular basis!

7) You’ll Have The Opportunity To Branch Out

Other than being an HVAC technician, you can also choose from several other career paths. You could be a wellness coordinator who advises businesses on their HVAC systems.

You'll be able to advise them on how to increase health and productivity among employees.

Or, you could become an entrepreneur and start your own line of products that help system owners maintain optimal conditions in their homes or workplace. You're really only limited by your imagination!

Are You Still Sitting On The Fence?

If you're still on the fence about whether or not to pursue HVAC training, we hope that this article has helped sway you in favor of making the investment. The career benefits of HVAC training are many.

So there's something for everyone who decides to go down this path.

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