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These Are the Benefits of Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Becoming a Tattoo Artist

September 8 2020 - Getting a tattoo is certainly popular and there's more good news for tattooists. Over 90% of people who get a tattoo don't think the price is of the tattoo is the most important factor in deciding on a tattooist.

Why be a tattoo artist? Becoming a tattoo artist has many benefits. Read on to learn all about them.

Artistic Expression

If you have a creative urge it's sometimes difficult to identify how to express it. Perhaps drawing or painting is your thing. It's possible you love to make things and feel that crafts are your artistic outlet.

Tattoo artists combine graphic design with the craft of making the tattoo. The range of images a tattooist might be asked to reproduce on the skin is immense. From flowers to animals, geometric designs to caligraphy.

If you love your art and want to express it, being a tattooist could be for you.

Growth Market

The growth in tattooing has been driven by a sustained appetite for tattoos. Younger people have been especially interested in adorning their bodies with ink. More than a third of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have one or more tattoos.

Only 11% of older people, between the ages of 50 to 65 have a tattoo. This suggests that there's a strong future market in younger people who are already committed to tattoos. That's good business potential.

Business Education

Being a tattooist is not just about creativity. If you are a self-employed tattooist you are also a small business owner.

The business education you can get by setting up and operating a tattoo business applies to other businesses too. You need to learn about customer service, marketing, and finance.

These skills can then be applied to any business. As a tattooist, you are learning about business skills that can be transferred to other business opportunities.

Learning a Craft

Learning to be a tattoo artist is a fulfilling development experience. The requirements to become a tattoo artist are much more than an ability to draw, but it may start there.

The training includes how to operate the tattoo machine and how to look after your tattoo machine. You must learn a range of tattooing techniques to create the tattoos your customers want. You have to develop a portfolio of tattoos and be able to sell your ideas to your clients.

Self Esteem

The sense of achievement you will have when you complete a tattoo and your client loves it is fantastic. It's a real boost to your confidence.

Few things are better for your self-esteem than to be appreciated for your creative skills. Even more exciting is when that appreciation is backed up with real money. Being paid for your art is a massive compliment.

Becoming a Tattoo Artist

If you are considering becoming a tattoo artist, weigh up the costs and benefits. There are some risks and a lot of learning to do but the benefits are certainly attractive. Is being a tattooist for you?

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