Webhire Workforce Intelligence

May 1 2005 - Webhire, Inc. has released 'Webhire Workforce Intelligence', designed specifically for non-technical users.

Webhire Workforce Intelligence can provide ad hoc reports and configurable, role-based dashboards that have 'drill-down capabilities and report interactivity'. 25 commonly used reports and graphical dashboard displays are packaged so that they can instantly be configured by the customer to meet their needs. Direct connections are provided to Monster, AIRS and 2,200 job boards.

Webhire Workforce Intelligence is claimed to provide the HR function with the information to help them:

  • Find and keep the best talent
  • Spend recruiting dollars more effectively
  • Track recruiting productivity, and
  • Avoid staffing shortages

"Human Resources today involves much more than fulfilling job requisitions. Attracting and optimizing the best talent provides a major strategic advantage to businesses," said Susanne Bowen, President and Chief Executive Officer at Webhire. "Organizations are seeking to leverage the extensive amount of recruiting data thatís available to understand more than cost-to-hire. Webhire Workforce Intelligence enables corporate executives, hiring managers, recruiters and other talent stakeholders to fine-tune hiring practices and talent management programs by analyzing critical talent management metrics and trends against internal and external benchmarks."

Webhire provides a comprehensive set of Workforce Intelligence deployment services including strategic assessment, report design, implementation and training through its Customer Care Cycle methodology.

"Because measurement needs vary by customer, Webhire has designed a flexible services offering," said Donna DeAngelis, Vice President of Client Services at Webhire. "We offer services for customers that need help aligning their measurement processes to key performance indicators and industry benchmarks, as well as offering fast-path implementation services for those who already have a strategy in place."

"The market is buzzing with the idea that human resources organizations must become more strategic, that their activities must be aligned with corporate goals and objectives. However, getting practical advice on how to make that happen has been difficult," said Michael Moretti, Senior Research Analyst at HR.com. "The best way to get a seat at the strategic table is through metrics, not only traditional measures such as cost-per-hire and time-to-fill but timely and precise data that will help talent managers throughout the organization make better hiring decisions immediately."

"Webhire Workforce Intelligence is a great example of technology that helps staffing leaders deliver the information that organizations need to accelerate talent acquisition and improve quality of hire," continues Moretti. "Webhire Workforce Intelligence is a powerful, flexible and scaleable solution that enables HR to put key talent metrics together, in one easy to access place, enabling that elusive connection between corporate goals and staffing practices."

For more information on the latest solutions available from Webhire, visit www.webhire.com.