Kenexa bStrategic Designed for Informed HR Business Decisions

May 21 2005 - Kenexa(R), a provider of talent acquisition and retention solutions, today announced Kenexa bStrategic, the Company's new Web-based workforce analytics and business intelligence application created in partnership with SwiftKnowledge. Kenexa bStrategic was designed from the "ground up" to provide organizations with the critical information and metrics needed to make informed and actionable Human Resource (HR) business decisions.

According to Kenexa's President of Human Capital Management, Troy Kanter, "Often it is difficult to access and integrate varying sources of data that are stored in multiple systems within an organization. Companies that do not have the necessary technology infrastructure are unable to identify meaningful, value added metrics. Kenexa bStrategic is hosted and can be accessed via the Web, so IT departments are alleviated from having to commit time and resources to developing or managing a solution. With Kenexa bStrategic, workforce data is unified and easily accessed, allowing HR to tailor Key Performance Indictors to an organization's strategic workforce goals."

Kenexa bStrategic goes beyond simple reporting, allowing users to access data from third party sources including: recruiting systems, performance management systems, financial systems and human resource management systems. This makes it possible to analyze business trends and create metrics for greater business alignment.

Kanter added, "Kenexa bStrategic enables HR departments to function as a strategic business partner for the organization. Now, HR can easily drill down into workforce management trends and better determine where to direct valuable resources."

Kenexa bStrategic is a standalone analytics tool exclusively for the HR space. It comes populated with standard metrics and dashboards for various categories of users including recruiters, business executives, hiring managers, human resources and more. For more information visit