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How digital technology is changing the human resources sector

December 4 2021 - Tech is staying ahead of the curve with human resources. All aspects from recruiting to onboarding are being impacted by changes in technology and how it's used. This article will explore some of these impacts and what they mean for your company.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is helping companies grow faster by utilizing people's time more efficiently. Take data entry. This used to require hours of time to sift through resumes and compile information. Now, organizations are able to revolutionize their hiring process. Suddenly they can post jobs on job boards and receive applicants in real-time (not days or weeks later). In addition, they're able to receive resumes from candidates that are a better fit for their open roles.


In addition to AI, chatbots are also changing the way organizations recruit talent. These bots allow companies to not only track everything from current openings to internal opportunities but also provide real-time assistance with things like customer communication and enrollment.

Automated processes

Automation is also impacting the way companies interact with employees. For instance, some organizations are benchmarking their current processes and identifying ways they can become more streamlined and effective. With the advent of online software and apps, businesses are able to automate traditionally lengthy processes like payroll, customer feedback, and bill payments by using software such as a bill pay app that allows you to manage such things online. This is a huge step forward because it allows employees to save time and gives HR managers more flexibility.

Greater communication

Because of the widespread use of chat apps and other cloud-based tools, companies can be much more fluid in terms of how they communicate with employees. Whether it's a group chat about an upcoming event or one-on-one messages to address concerns that employees might have, this type of communication streamlines all conversations into one easy location.

Enhanced interface

Digital technology is also changing the way employees access their benefits, by providing a more user-friendly experience. Online portals are becoming more common, as are self-service capabilities. This means that employees can manage their own benefits, which in turn gives HR professionals more time to focus on other areas of the department.

Driven by data

Digital HR technology is powered by data. This is something that has completely changed the way companies operate because it helps them make decisions. HR managers can run reports on anything from overall attrition rates to popular work benefits. This means that they're able to more accurately inform their employees of things like how much money they're saving by utilizing a particular benefit.

With more information in the hands of HR professionals, they're better equipped to make the right decisions in their efforts to recruit and retain top talent.

More efficiency

Digital technology is providing companies with the efficiency they need to keep up with the competition. By automating many tasks, HR managers are able to save time and allocate resources in a more strategic way. Additionally, online tools make it easier for employees to connect with one another and access the information they need. All of this contributes to a more productive and streamlined workplace.

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