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5 Law Tips That Employees Need to Know

September 3 2021 - Employee rights are a heated global topic right now.

Every week, a fresh news story appears about an employee taking legal action against their company, whether it's due to human rights violations or unpaid overtime. These types of stories don't just take place at giant company names, either: they happen everywhere. Even small businesses, with only a handful of employees, regularly encounter disputes that result in legal intervention.

Therefore, the lesson is clear: as an employee, you need to be on the top of your game. If your employer has done something wrong, the law will always be on your side (which is important to remember). Educating yourself on your rights while also being smart with how you operate will serve you well in due course!

The following five law tips are designed specifically to help you, so read carefully.

1. Get help from employment attorneys

At your job, a whole boatload of legal-related matters can go wrong. Your employer might refuse to pay you; you might get into an accident that wasn't your fault; or you could get sexually harassed by a boss or fellow employee (or, in some circumstances, you could get falsely accused of sexual harassment).

Events like these can be stressful, to say the least. That's why you need experts in your corner ready to fight for you when the worst happens. Baird Quinn LLC are those experts. They'll take of the complex legal matters for you and will ensure you get the proper client treatment you deserve.

So, whether you're working at a new job or are a veteran at a particular company, don't hesitate to get help from an employment attorney when you need them the most!

2. Don't publicize any open disputes on social media or other platforms

When you're having a bad time at work or go into work one day and experience something terrible, it can be incredibly tempting to hop online and badmouth your employer. Whatever happens, never do this. It can cause all sorts of future disputes and problems. A common one is defamation, so be careful!

3. Never stand for harassment or bullying

It's all too common for some people to brush workplace harassment and bullying to the back of their minds. They think something along the lines of "It's only work" or "It's only banter."

However, if you're experiencing genuine, malicious harassment every day, you need to act. The first step is to report it to your boss, and the step after that is HR. If all else fails, you should take the legal route.

Remember, harassment and bullying are never acceptable in the workplace.

4. Follow your employee policies - even if you disagree with them

Each company comes with its own company policies. Company policies exist - for the most part - for good reason. So, even if you disagree with them, you need to abide by them. For example, health and safety policies should never be broken, as that's a potential one-way ticket to legal matters you don't want to encounter.

5. Watch out for others

If you see employees experiencing problems worthy of legal intervention (which Amazon are currently in the news for), you should keep tabs on it and let them know what they can do. They might simply need some encouragement and advice before taking that all-important step of legal intervention.

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