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How to React When Mistreated in Your Workplace

September 3 2021 - Harassment and mistreatment of employees in the workplace is a serious issue and something that you should never stand for should it happen to you. However, dealing with these issues can be a complex issue, which is why this article aims to highlight exactly how you might want to go about dealing with being mistreated in your workplace.

Keep Your Head

It can be easy, in a situation where you are being mistreated or harassed, to lose your temper and react aggressively towards the person treating you poorly, and while this is totally understandable, it is unfortunately only going to weaken your case should you decide to inform anyone about the issues you are having.

Express Your Discomfort/Discontent. Instead of losing your temper and yelling at the person who is harassing or mistreating you, stay calm and make sure you tell them firmly that you are uncomfortable with their behavior. If you can, make sure to do this where there are other employees to corroborate your story. This can help if you need to take more drastic action, as you have evidence that they knew you were unhappy with what they were doing.

Keep Track

Another useful thing to do is to keep track of every time one of these events occurs. By keeping a strict record, you can prove how common this negative behavior was and that you kept re-iterating that you were unhappy, uncomfortable, or upset by the behavior.

Report These Occurrences. A good way to double down on this record-keeping is to report each occurrence of harassment as they happen. For one thing, reporting the circumstances might make them stop, and if they don't, you have an ironclad record of each and every occurrence within the HR department of your business. Be sure to save your email interaction with the HR team as evidence of these reports.

Take Action

If re-iterating that you are unhappy with your treatment and reporting incidents to your HR department fails to solve the issue, then it is time that you take action and bring the issue into your own hands.

Check Harassment Law. The first thing you are going to want to do is to check the law around harassment in the workplace to see if you have a legal foothold from which to take action against your aggressors. If you have been stating that they are causing you distress and they continue to act in the same manner, then the chances are that you do.

Take Legal Action. This means that the next thing you should be doing is seeking out the legal advice of an Employment law firm on the best way to take legal action based on this harassment. By doing so, you should be able to deal with the issue, or at the very least, make it clear that you are willing to respond severely to this kind of harassment.

Stay Strong Together, Support Others

Finally, it is vital that you go on to help others deal with these same issues if you see them struggling. After all, the only way to effectively bring change to the world around you is to continue to work against problems when you see them in the world.

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