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What HR Needs to Know About Work Visas for Alien Employees
February 21 2021 - Your company or institution needs to attract the top talent to succeed, and you’ve found the perfect fit for a critical position - but the candidate is not a U.S. citizen.

Can You Discipline Employees for Conduct Outside of the Workplace
January 27 2021 - Do you have the right to intervene in your employees’ personal lives to protect your business, your staff, and your customers? And, if so, what are the limits?

What to Do If You Get Hurt in a Workplace Accident
June 21 2020 - Regardless of what type of incident occurs, it's essential to know what to do if you are injured while on the job.

3 Simple (But Powerful) Law Firm Marketing Strategies
May 13 2020 - New clients are the lifeblood of your law firm. These 3 simple, but powerful, law firm marketing strategies will give you a steady stream of clients.

Fired With an Open Claim: Do I Need a Workmans Comp Lawyer?
December 5 2019 - Being injured on the job and making ends meet is stressful enough without the added threat of termination. Do you need a workmans comp lawyer?

3 Ways to Streamline Your Law Firm's Workflow
November 22 2019 - Streamlining workflow in a busy law firm is an essential task to master if you're looking to be successful in one of the most competitive industries around.

The Story Behind Settlements: How Personal Injury Compensation Works
November 10 2019 - If you win a personal injury case, you get a settlement. But what defines an injury and how does personal injury compensation work? Read on to learn more.

What Every Attorney Should Know About Hiring Support Staff
September 24 2019 - Very few established law firms operate without at least a few members of support - even solo practices.

8 Things Every Employee Needs to Learn about Worker's Compensation
September 12 2019 - Do you know that many workers suffer from work-related injuries, but didn't know they are entitled for a workers' compensation? And maybe, you could be one of them.

Insider's Guide to Culture Change

Insider's Guide to Culture Change

Siobhan McHale
  The secret to the success or failure of any business boils down to its culture. From disengaged employees to underserved customers, business failures invariably stem from a culture problem.
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The HR Answer Book

The HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Human Resources Professionals

by Shawn A. Smith, Rebecca A. Mazin
  The HR Answer Book addresses 200 questions that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting and hiring to discipline and termination, compensation and benefits to training and employee relations. Accessible and concise, this on-the-job companion offers expert guidance on all types of "people" issues.
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